Orlando, Florida native Jbon, known as “The Unsigned Artist” has been shaking up the art scene for over 15 years. Graduating from Flagler College with two business degree’s, he immediately flexed his entrepreneurial prowess in a string of successful ventures. But with art, pure in his heart, he went all in on what he loved most. The result? Well, you can see for your self...

Jbon's style can be seen in all corners of the world & all different sizes. From 40-foot floor to ceiling pieces in the Hard Rock Dubai, to unique sculptures & designs on the walls or within Orlando’s thriving local businesses, Jay’s work is changing more than just the scenery, but what art is overall.

His flavor really gained a buzz when he began his latest “Shattered Glass” collection. A Neo twist to the mosaic style of art. His one of a kind pieces continuously bring a twist of depth and life to everyone that sees them.

Setting sights on a breakout 2017 in galleries, live events, and some HUGE idea's.